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Chairman's word

The Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti’s 110th anniversary coincides with Djibouti 40th anniversary of independence. To celebrate these two important dates, the Chamber of Commerce is organizing two events of international significance: The International Trade Fair and the Forum on Regional Integration and Private Investments in Infrastructures.

Djibouti’s strength lies in its strategic position and its modern ports and logistics infrastructures. While Djibouti is an important warehousing and merchandise redistribution hub, it aims to open its market to more and new regional and international opportunities.

The International Trade Fair, which will be held from December 3rd to 7th, will be an essential event that will put the spotlight on Djibouti’s business community, to showcase its potential and promote its connection and integration to the rest of the world.

The Forum will be held from December 4th to 5th alongside the Fair. During these high-level meetings, the discussions will focus on regional integration and the necessity to develop infrastructures to boost national and regional economy. The exchanges will include discussing the types of environments that promote and boost private investments in infrastructures such as the Public-private partnership concept.

The Chamber of Commerce is delighted to host guests from all over the world in ‘’the land of encounters and exchanges’’ that Djibouti is, and to introduce them to the well-known hospitality of the Djiboutian people. As the principal door that leads to the Djiboutian private sector, the Chamber of Commerce wishes to establish the organization of these major events as a regular occurrence.

I want to express my gratitude to the President of the republic, our government and its partners who made possible the successful organization of these events.

I want to thank our partners who trusted our institution, the experts who invested their time, the sponsors for their technical and financial support.