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Let's go, the Second International Fair of Djibouti is Launched:
From 03 to 10 December 2018

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A country: Djibouti

Djibouti, is a state with millions of possibilities and opportunities, located at the crossroads of three continents; a geostrategic position, which is one of its comparative advantages. Djibouti also enjoys an environment where political stability prevails; a fact demonstrated, by the diplomatic and military presence of many countries in its soil; countries such as the United States, France, or Japan and China. Djibouti is also a land of encounters; a land of diversity, where different cultures blend in harmony and where hospitality and tolerance are characteristics of its people. A country with community traditions that are never separated from national identity and development. Cultural diversity remains one of the greatest riches of Djibouti.

In terms of tourism, the country has magnificent assets. With breathtaking and exceptional landscapes, and unique treasures such as Lake Assal. Djibouti was positioned at 4th place in the ranking of countries to see in 2018 by the renowned tourist travel guide Lonely Planet. Also, noteworthy is the letter of recognition congratulating the Head of State H.E Mr Ismaïl Omar Guelleh for his ability to be a world leader in tourism development, received from the European Tourism Council.

An attractive place for businesses

The Republic of Djibouti is a member of COMESA, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern African Countries, giving access to a market of more than 450 million people. Besides, ranked in the top 10 of the countries with the highest growth rate in 2018 by the World Bank, Djibouti confirms the dynamic growth of its economy, which started more than 10 years ago.

To fully benefit from being an attractive place for businesses, the country keeps reinforcing its ability to attract more investors and strengthen the capacity of the private sector to contribute to the country's economic growth. For that purpose, a series of reforms have been initiated in recent months to improve the business climate in Djibouti.

Several sectors’ development are priorities to boost the economic growth of tomorrow and have incentives including those provided by the Djibouti investment code. These sectors include: agriculture, fishing, mining and energy, infrastructure, transport, banking industry that can promote new investments. As well as, engineering and information and communication technologies that are identified as sectors with high potential and prioritized. Construction and the building of complexes for industrial, commercial, touristic and social housing purposes, is also defined as a priority sector.

Besides incentives, the legal framework for investment in Djibouti provides numerous guarantees and protection such as impartial treatment between foreign and domestic investors, the freedom to repatriate capital, the free and stable convertibility of the national currency and the possibility for foreign investors, to invest alone without the obligation to have a local partner.

An event not to be missed: the Djibouti Trade Fair?

Given its geostrategic position granting it an expected role as a hub for regional and global trade, it is a must for the Republic of Djibouti to organize an event as important as the International Trade Fair.

Inspired by the success of the first International Trade fair in 2017, the event is to be reiterated in 2018; its doors will be open from December 3rd to 10th 2018 and will welcome once again hundreds of companies, economic operators and investors; Djiboutian, but also those coming from the region and the world.

On this occasion will be presented, products and services provided by Djiboutian economic operators and their regional and international counterparts, but also their need in terms of products, raw materials or expertise.

Thus, exhibiting at the Djibouti International Fair enables you to:

  •  - Discover and explore the commercial place of a country in constant evolution and economic growth and with multiple business opportunities,
  •  - Meet prospective customers and build new partnerships
  •  - Meet suppliers, investors, potential business partners in Djibouti and other countries in the region
  •  - Meet and interact with the press / media
  •  - Benefit from a commercial and advertising platform
  •  - Benefit from an excellent marketing opportunity
  •  - Evaluate competitors in the region
  • Etc.