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For the first time in Djibouti, a high-level forum on Regional Integration and Private Investment in Infrastructures will be held on 4 th an 5 th December at the Palais du Peuple.

Policymakers, international experts, representatives of financial and development organizations, leading industrials and investors will honor the forum, and will tackle specific topics. Spotlights will be on new models of Publics and Privates Partnerships for developing infrastructures, PPP innovations and legal framework and financing mechanism.

In fact, Djibouti’s geostrategic position and trade relations with its neighboring country Ethiopia is the best model in term of regional integration and infrastructures sharing. As it has been revealed in many parts of the world that infrastructures are the key factor for regional economic growth.

To conclude, this forum will be an occasion at a regional level to discuss methods and means in order to come up with strategies, in particular the PPP and its applications on infrastructures.