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Dr. AbdelGadir Warsama Ghalib

Dr. Ghalib is a Senior Legal Consultant - BBK (Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait – A leading bank in Gulf Countries)and he is a World Bank Consultant on Banking & Corporate Laws. He is a professor of law, UCB & NYIT at the American University in Bahrain. He teaches in universities since 1980.

Dr. Ghalib is a World Bank Expert on Banking, Corporate, & Stock Exchange Laws and has performed many assignments to many countries. Listed in the United Nations, General Secretariat, "Roster of Legal experts" he gave many legal opinions in this capacity.

He teaches many courses such as Business &Commercial;laws & oil and gas laws in different universities like: University of Khartoum & Ajman University (Abu Dhabi Branches), Sultan Qaboos University, Bahrain University, New York institute of technology, Institutes for Banking and Financial Studies in Khartoum.

Some of Dr. Ghalib memberships include the Sudan Bar Association, the International Bar Association (IBA), theAfro-Asian Lawyers Federation for Human Rights, the Society for International Development and the International & Regional Arbitration Tribunals.