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Herman Breedt

President Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

M. HermanBreedt started his human resources career in 1985 with ESCOM (Electricity Commission of SA). He spent a few years in the Trade Union Industry on the (then) National Manpower Commission (NMC) and was subsequently elected to serve on the Labour Market Chamber of NEDLAC.  He was one of the delegates that attended the International LabourOrganisation meetings in Geneva, Switzerland, when South Africa was allowed back for the first time in 1993.

He was a member of the National Executive Committee of FEDUSA (second largest Trade Union Federation to COSATU) and one of the first Commissioners to be appointed by the CCMA on a part-time basis, where he was involved in conciliation, arbitration, mediation and facilitation of industrial and labour disputes. 

At present Herman is the Managing Director of SA Labour Dynamics (Pty) Ltd and is responsible for the Marketing, Labour / Industrial Relations and Finances of the Company.

His company is also running the Labour Desk for the JCCI (Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry) with 3500 affiliated Members.